Trip and Flow

  Missteps and habits delay me but the breathe comes Ending this cycle and through the tide I go. There to Here. Here—is where I flow Trip and flow Trip and flow Closer to heaven Closer to Self Everywhere but in between Here—is where I grow Advertisements

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Far and Few

Don’t trust the image in another’s eyes, when they haven’t seen the depth that lies beneath the skin and remembrance embrace. Forlorn and forgotten, Leaving no trace. The soul hath no color, no figure, nor shade Arrogant and muddled perceptions displayed. But not one is near and true as you Far and few Far and […]

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Everything and Nothing

Seize me breathe me be me   I am Whole–at peace. In flow, restored and relaxed   Feel me caress me see me   I am Present–infinite. Creation at its beginning and end.   No seeking, no thinking.   FLOW FLOW FLOW Go go go   Skip, hop, here too! There and back. Round and […]

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Eternal Flame

Controlled breaths, I spent Careful steps, I went To make it right. But our light grows slimmer, slow and slight At the edge of our eternal flame with my Betrodden heart, lips tightly sealed, Remembering a flame that burned so bright. Swaying in harmony. Lost in the symphony. Flowing– Freely. Now, it gathers dust. Ashes […]

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Uncolored Days

Unable to find my footing, I move sideways. Clarity hides from my mind, blocked by the haze of uncolored days, like the sky in the midst of Winter, it leaves me lifeless. I am stuck. Trudging slow, in old-stricken ways, new passions betray me. How can I cry, feel anything real inside when body and […]

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Sitting With The Moon (Poem)

Sitting With The Moon We are radiant. In awe of one another, giving my Shine as She does to mine My perception —Her reflection Flickering and rippling Not true like the light from which She shines Purity of the Pleiades and firelight eyes intertwining with eternity Claircognizance of me as clarity unwinds and I One […]

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