You know the nights when nothing feels real.
You know.
The feeling when all the plays and tropes we carry
fall into place.
Like synchronized moments and choreographed scenes.
You know the breaths you take or the ones you don’t?
It’s not something you know…
It’s something you do.
Like fish gathering,
heading towards the reefs they’ve never seen.
Do you think they know?
And yet it is perfect and yet
there are no mistakes.
Like the waters they swim in,
life is clear.
Nothing is known, and
everything is.


Weak, meek, long and strong,
all of the things that keep on going on
that is what I seek
And I am that
I am that which I seek.

Fire to Ice

From fire to ice, my agony breathes life into my longing and as it dies it cools my whole body until I can’t feel anymore, until I’m frozen with the feeling all over, a stillness and discomfort.

I just wait.

Wait until the next person who comes along with enough heat to warm my soul. My body sits in an absent barren land unable to speak, unable to express. The first cool wind that sends frequent chills is not being able to get over this man. I welcome it, though it hurts me, and though I know reason enough to understand that I shouldn’t, but I want to, and I can’t stop. It’s better than nothing. And yet I don’t seek to change it, and I don’t seek to find someone to replace him, because I know it’ll be a long time before that happens and I don’t know if I’m ready.

A part of me, okay more like all of me wants him and no one else. It feels so silly but I want to be with him so bad every part of every day reminds me of him, and the journey to the grocery store down the street brings a flutter to the wings of my heart knowing I might sneak a glance or that he might notice me. Why why why does he have to be so close to all that I love, why does he have to be all that I love and want. It’s so hard to take.

I know I know I know. I’m focusing on myself. I’m loving myself, and I’m growing into my own power and I have my visions clear ahead of me. I’m taking the necessary steps, but this one part holds me back, in some way it does! It keeps me wanting toward him, and that much less toward myself. I recognize something in him in myself and I realize I need to strive for that, the better parts of myself, the parts I admire, to push them to full realization and fulfill their potential.  

I’m so helplessly in love. Yes in love. In lust, maybe more so, but most definitely in love. I hang onto this love for him like a token of my being, a token of validation and beautiful inspiration. It’s a shiny object on my shelf, and I don’t want to take it away and have it forever thrown out, forgotten, left to be picked up by someone else. But it’s not in my possession, it is only a longing, and therefore I am poor, so very poor.

How does one overcome this kind of unrequited lust? Porn, sure. Masturbation, sure. Moving on, sure. But none of it is the same, because it is love, yes I am so deeply in love with this being. I feel his presence all around me, and I wish for it to apparate in physical form that I can see, smell, taste and touch. But if I be granted a chance to be friends, I would take it. I would take it, yes because I long for his voice, and his reason. I long for his lust for life and the songs in his soul. The longer the time since last I interacted with him the worst it gets. The image I build grows, rather than dies, so I am left with more unbearable feelings, but I learn to live without the fulfillment, so I move along, and I still dream, but it is only a half-dream.

Guiding Light

Let it warm your hearth,
the one that grows cold and covers with dust.
Dry like a mouth deprived of liquids,
growing weary with fear of the insipid.
The fire that rests inside of us,
each and every one of us.
Call to it.
Allow it.
fear, my child.
Please do
go after it.
Fulfill your wims and share your cries.
The world,
it yearns for it.
Wishing as you do
with that you do.
So no,
never fear.
Become that which you are,
already here.
Dancing alongside you,
crystalline clear.
Waiting for your hand,
so nearly there…
to guide
and lead.
To carry the fire.
To plant the seed.

Tick Tick Tick

Tick Tick Tick
A heart is like a clock
pushing; moving forward,
never back.
It goes and goes.
That’s what they do,
running a perfectly matched set of gears,
to show us what?
A purpose intended for the view.
Who is the viewer?
And so…
are we non-existent;
only a concept?
An idea held on so tightly
it binds others to submission?
We run, run and run
until we don’t anymore.
But the idea lives on.
We are but a servant of its cause;
a part of its awakening
and without that humble servant
it would not wield any power.
It would be
of this present
of the absence of its conception.
It would be nothing at all
And all would be nothing.


A slab of jade taken out of the glass case is being shown for customers ahead of me and a familiar figure is there. He approaches and begins to tell all of us the qualities and makeup of the stone. It’s engraved, carved and framed into a shape I can’t recall. The owner sees that this person knows his facts well enough and steps back, watching him talk with appreciation. Later in the dream I’m with this person in a car, a van home… something of that vibe and we talk, with a depth of feeling; there is a strong connection between us, but I’m in awe of his inner beauty, not outer…but I feel this exciting love for him, and he tells me he would be with me, and I said “You would be with me forever?!” unbelieving and overwhelmed with how it’s possible that I can receive this great love from a great human being.

Is this a sign that he is out there waiting? Did he dream of me last night? I’m not sure who this man is, but he feels like many I’ve partially loved molded into one. It was a beautiful, soulful love, overtaken with gratitude. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

I needed to feel this full, this satisfaction of love returned, not unrequited. The jade wielder. My love can give me this, the properties of a jade stone, an open heart, a compassionate well ebb and flowing towards me, an undeserving divinity that I can hold, preciously. I will hold it dearly. Sometimes it’s hard to write, when I’m feeling so at peace, cleared of my thoughts, where do they go, and where can I brain-dump when there’s not much to dump? I write more when I’m feeling a lot and right now I’m content.

My voice is open, but not fully. There’s not as much weight around it as before but there needs to be a key for it. The key is I need to get in touch with myself more through meditation and spiritual practice. I’ll come back slowly, and I have to remember to not be so hard on myself, to just let it come back when it does, flow naturally.

There will be days where I cannot stop. I’ll write a marathon of stories, and on and on I go, and some days I must rest, let it sit, and clear away the wounds of yesterday, before I can go on. Everything I feel is in the measure of overwhelm, overfull, that’s the only way I feel, and it’s wonderful each time. Contentment feels empty. I would rather feel bliss or deep sorrow, because then I will write. I’ll write for the sounds of my heart, and the calling of my soul. Then I will write. I will write to accompany life’s melody, the song of us, free flowing. Thank you those who loved me, and thank you to those I loved, and thank you to those who will love me and I, love them.

Until Then

Each step a devotion,
a prayer.
I only have to call to it,
to settle in.
I honor it.
But for now I’ll take flight, until I come home again,
I welcome the risk.
The pain of the fall.
Until then,
and only then I’ll make my way back.
Until then,
I want to keep writing until it doesn’t hurt anymore.
Until I can forget
Until all the words in the english language that can be used is no more.
Until my fingers bruise,
bones break.
Until then, I live and breathe for you.
Until then,
my heart aches for you.
Until then. Until then,
I’ll move slowly for you, in hope you’ll run after.
Until then I scream into the world,
let it echo through each note
of feeling I bleed into my words,
for you.
Until then,
let me be with you in spirit.
In the physical,
I can only hope.
Until then, see me, see me,
in your dreams,
in the delights of the earth,
the light of your universe.
Until then.
Until then,
let me be your light,
so I may envelope you,
every inch,
fold into you,
shine for you. Until then,
I leap.
So please, catch me.
Serendipity please,
come for me.

Earth Star

I wish to see earth in the sky
from a faraway place
and point at it and say
‘That is where I loved,
where I suffered,
and died
and did it many a time.
I would like to see it again,
when there’s a lesson I can only learn
from living amongst men.’

Let Me Live In This, Swim In It

Let me be with you, so long as you want me.
Until the day comes when we must part, I say grace in your name.
Until then.
Until then, oh just let me live for your fame.
Call on you, with words of reverence because I am overcome with gratitude.
Let me say grace in your name, and feel you as you came,
now and again, swimming eternally there, in infinite bliss.
Thank you.
Thank you.
Thank you.
Three times, such as a prayer.
Three reverent bows to your lightness; your aim.
Behold this beauty!
To deserve a love, a lustful wim such as this, to know your name, and call you, to hear you answer.
The call of the divine, such as it is. The blessing without time.
Let me live in this, swim in it; never forget how
this moment passing was lifetimes spent remembering,
of your presence and
of your name.
If truly deserved, show me how I shall serve, so I know I’ve earned this blessing.
I’m here.
I’m accepting this call that soothes, foreboding.
For a chance to swim, for a chance with him.
I accept, oh I accept with every golden drop within
Blessed day, oh blessed that I may dance in union
with another such as this.
To touch god’s grace in physical, in lust.
There is no greater act of human existence than loving yourself and loving another as much.
To recognize the soul that rests in another.
To admire it, one and the same.
A cosmic knowing,
in perfect trust and perfect love.
Say my name with the same tune I sing to god.
Know my name in the way I know god.
Feel my fame such as the way I look up to god.
The all. The one.
Together we are both.
Seamless and whole.
All and nothing.
Nothing and everything.